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Why was YouTube removed as a supported platform?




Due to recent events we were forced to take immediate action and remove support for YouTube as a platform. Find out more about that below.

I can't play tracks from YouTube, what happened?

As of recent events we were forced to push our plans on changing Hydra's direction as soon as possible. This included the need to immediately drop YouTube as a supported platform on Hydra.

With this we had to remove the ability to queue anything from YouTube and related services. As a result you might experience a slight decrease in accuracy and flexibility, we're still trying to serve the best experience possible though.

What's to come now?

We've been working on the change of direction very very hard in the last couple of weeks already and are excited to see good progress feature-wise. After a lot of work, we already released Reaction Roles, which you should definitely check out. If you're interested in what's to come in the near future you should definitely join our community server and lurk every now and then!


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