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Subscribing to this plan allows you to apply Hydra Premium to 3 Discord servers. Features included are listed below.



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From February 7th 2023 on, Hydra won't provide premium music features anymore! By subscribing to a premium plan you're acknowledging the fact that you will lose any ability to use previously advertised music-related features. Going forward, any premium plans available will only contain upgrades for features like Reaction Roles, the Message Builder and more (coming soon).

Premium Plans Comparison

Welcome Messages Features




Wide Variety of Templates

Customizable Discord Messages

Powerful Image Editor

Variational Modes

Image Filters

GIF Support

Custom Emojis

More than 1 Configuration

More than 1 Design

More than 1 Message Embed

Reaction Roles Features




Powerful Configurator

Extensive Message Editor

Custom User Messages

More than 3 Messages

More than 1 Action per Option

More than 1 Option Type

All Action Types

More than 10 Buttons

More than 8 Reactions

More than 1 Select Menu

More than 1 Message Embed

No Welcome Messages Limitations

No Welcome Messages Limitations

Unleash the enormous customization capabilities that Hydra's Welcome Messages have to offer! Choose Premium templates or make use of our powerful Image Editor.

No Reaction Roles Limitations

No Reaction Roles Limitations

Fully unlock the powerful Reaction Roles feature with Hydra Premium! Avoid getting limited by the base restrictions and customize the configurations to your liking!

No Message Builder Limitations

No Message Builder Limitations

Enable yourself to post multiple custom-styled messages with Hydra in your server, and customize those with our powerful Discord message builder!

Access to More Hydra Bots

Access to More Hydra Bots

You're managing a huge community server and what to keep it tidy and orderly by separating configurations? With Premium, you'll be able to invite a few more Hydra bots to your servers!

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