Spice up your Discord server with some must-have Premium features!


Server Premium

By subscribing to one of our Server Premium plans you'll get access to all User Premium benefits as well as the ability to promote 1 Discord server of your choice. Promoted servers get all premium features listed below unlocked.



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User Premium

By subscribing to one of our User Premium plans you'll get access to all User Premium features in every server you're a member of. This allows you to create unlimited saved playlists with unlimited songs and removes the necessity of voting.




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for 1 Premium User

Volume Control

Control Hydra's internal volume easily with this feature! It's as easy as executing a single command! Just tell Hydra how loud it should stream your music!

24/7 Playback

You're more of that radio kind of guy? Hydra will stream music 24/7 for you after you've enabled it via its related command! Make sure to allow Hydra to take a break as well though!

Audio Effects

Need that little extra in your music? Hydra is able to boost the bass, activate nightcore or vaporwave and a lot more! The live audio will update in just a few seconds!

Unlimited Saved Playlists

Having playlists for every mood and situation is convenient, that's for sure! Hydra will remember every single playlist you save and every single song you add to a playlist forever so you can always access these if you need some music!

Access to More Hydras

You're managing a huge community server, your friends want to listen to a different kind of music or you just want to let Hydra play with his brothers and sisters? With Premium you'll be able to invite a few more Hydras to your servers!

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