Shows the help menu.

Aliases: h


Shows lyrics for the currently playing song.

Aliases: lyric, ly

.lyrics <song title>

Shows lyrics for the provided song.


Shows the latency of the bot.

Aliases: latency

.ping ws

Shows the websocket latency of the bot.

.ping rest

Shows the rest latency of the bot.

.play <song name/url> [flags]

Plays a song.

Aliases: p

.play file

Plays the file attached to the message.


Play your saved default playlist.

Aliases: pl

.playlist list

List your saved playlists.

.playlist show <playlist name> [page number]

Show the songs within the provided playlist.

.playlist song save <url> [playlist name]

Save a song to your default or provided playlist

.playlist song delete <songId> [playlist name]

Delete a song from your default or provided playlist


Show the user and server premium status

Aliases: prem, premium


Shows the queue.

Aliases: q, list

.queue <page number>

Show a specific page of the queue.

.search <song name>

Searches and lets you choose a song.


Shows details of the song currently being played.

Aliases: si, np, song, nowplaying

.songinfo <song number>

Shows the detail of a specific song in the queue.


Lets you vote for skipping the current track.

Aliases: vs


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