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Why is Hydra's audio sounding laggy/glitchy?




No one likes laggy audio, but sometimes it happens when listening to bots on Discord. Here are some possible solutions on how to fix it.

Hydra is lagging, what should I do?

First, check your internet connection. Discord has an inbuilt way to monitor your last and average ping to their voice servers. In the bottom left corner, just click on "Voice Connected" and verify that your ping is behaving stably (if the red graph is stuttering a lot that means it's not stable!) and the last as well as the average ping are below 250 milliseconds. If any of these indicators show that your connection is bad you should check your Wi-Fi/LAN connection and make sure no other programs are using up bandwidth. Sometimes, restarting your router also gets rid of latency problems.

Example of the Discord latency popup

You're on a 5ms ping and you can download GTA 5 in 2 minutes?

So your internet connection doesn't seem to be the problem. In almost all cases where Hydra is lagging, Discord is having temporary issues with their voice servers. Normally, Discord will just restart them at some point. But in the meantime, you can switch to a different server near you. In order to guarantee a smooth user experience we made a custom command for that! Just paste .fix in any text channel and wait for Hydra to cycle through a few voice servers to find a stable one.

If that doesn't help, you should follow the steps below to manually switch to a different server region. You might need to try multiple different regions to find a suitable one.

First, open the settings page for your current voice channel

How to edit a voice channel

Click on "Region Override" to open up a selection and select a different region

How to change the server region of your voice channel

After following these steps you should finally have a lag-free audio stream again. If this is not the case, please join our support server and check the #status channel for any ongoing incidents. If you can't find anything in there please get in contact with one of our support members.


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