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Why is Hydra shown as offline in my server?


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This situation could occur in two different cases. Either we're rolling out an update to add new features or fix any bugs or either Discord, our hosting provider or one of us messed something up.

So you've caught us having an outage?

That's mostly not the case, since we're rolling out updates regularly in order to keep the bot fresh and smooth. We also like to add new features since we're probably one of the feature-richest music bots on Discord (and we'd like to stay that)! Your best call would be to wait up to 5 minutes and see if Hydra comes back online.

Still offline?

If Hydra seems to stay offline we'd appreciate if you would join our support server and have a look at our #status channel. If there's no current incident going on please report the issue you're having. We'll be able to look into that and help you as fast as possible.


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