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What is the difference between Hydra's normal mode and its unique song request channel?

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Hydra tries to be as unique as possible. We're offering a separate way to request songs in Discord via a custom song request channel. In the following article you'll learn what the differences are to the normal mode and how you activate it.

You're one of the cool kids and want to be special?

Then you should probably use our custom song request channel! It's super easy to set up, super easy to use and super beautiful to look at (no messy command spam in your text channels anymore)! Just type .setup in any text channel Hydra can respond you in. That's it! Hydra created a separate text channel for you (it still needs permission to do so, it'll tell you that) in which you can easily queue any song you want: just paste the title of it. You can use links as well!

Controlling the bot in that channel is mostly self-explanatory, just use the corresponding reactions (there's a little hint in the channel topic). If you want a more extensive control you can also just paste any command Hydra offers you.

Wanna still be cool but use Hydra in normal mode?

That's no problem, we got your back! If you already set up the unique song request channel, just delete it, it'll reset Hydra to normal mode then. In the default mode you can use Hydra in any text channel it's able to respond in. Just combine any command listed on our commands page with either the default prefix (.) or any custom prefix that you've set by yourself (eg: !play alan walker faded).

If there are any questions left related to how Hydra can serve music let us know in our support server.


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