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How does Hydra Premium work and what do I get out of it?




You're interested in Hydra Premium and would like to know more about its benefits and how it works? In this article we'll guide you through the various features we're offering through different premium tiers but also about our subscription model and payment schedules. Finally we'll be introducing you to server upgrades!

What is Hydra Premium?

Hydra at its core is a free service and will always stay like that! However, running such a project costs a lot of time, effort and resources - and sadly all of that costs money. That's why we launched Hydra Premium as a product and are offering neat features which are nice to have and spice up your listening experience on Discord! Let's get started with a brief look over what features Hydra Premium actually includes!

Want to upgrade Hydra on your servers?

You can easily do that by subscribing to one of our Server Premium subscriptions! These will give you access to a specific amount of upgrades (we'll cover upgrades later on in this article!) which enable you to activate Server Premium features on your favorite Discord servers!

Upgraded servers gain access to various features starting with global volume control, so you can customize the loudness of the music you're playing for everyone who's listening!

Example of how to use the premium volume command

After upgrading a Discord server you're also able to set up radio stations now, since premium allows you to disable the automated leaving behavior on inactivity! That basically means you can play music 24/7.

Example of how to use the premium autoplay command

Don't want to worry about queueing tracks on your own? Just enable AutoPlay and let Hydra decide what to play next! Queue a track once, sit back and enjoy the show!

Example of how to use the premium 24/7 command

Playing around with audio effects always turns a boring evening into a funny one! Fortunately Hydra Premium allows you to apply various audio filters whilst playing music in your Discord server, including nightcore and bass boost! Have a look at the full list of effects at our premium command list.

Example of how to use the premium nightcore command

Since you now have Hydra running as a radio station you might want to add a few more Hydras to your Discord server for having the ability to play music over multiple voice channels! Right now you can add a total of 4 Hydras to your Discord server.

Example of how to invite more Hydras to your Discord server

As a subscription owner you also get access to all User Premium features which are listed below!

You're only interested in saved playlists?

We've got the perfect premium tier for you then to subscribe to! When choosing a User Premium subscription you'll get access to unlimited saved playlists with unlimited saved tracks and the ability to share them with your friends! Our extensive commands allow you to easily manage them after saving! Learn more about all the playlist commands.

Example of a list of saved playlists

The above listed points cover most of the premium features, but you can list all available premium commands on the commands page.

You want to subscribe to a yearly subscription?

That's absolutely no problem, it's actually pretty smart! By subscribing to any of our premium subscriptions you can choose between a monthly and a yearly payment schedule! By choosing the yearly cycle you'll get two months of Hydra Premium for free!

You're ready to apply some upgrades but don't know how?

We've got your back covered here! You can imagine the upgrades like slots you can apply on any Discord server you'd like to! When applying an upgrade to a Discord server its members gain access to all the Server Premium features listed above! You can apply upgrades on your servers page by selecting a Discord server and pressing Upgrade.

Example of how to upgrade a Discord server

Now your Discord server is upgraded and can be downgraded again in a few days! By downgrading, your Discord server loses its premium status but you gain a free slot for upgrading another server!

On the same page where you've upgraded your Discord server you can now press the Invite button to invite the Hydra Premium bots.

If there are any questions left about Hydra Premium feel free to leave a message in our support server and we'll get back to you!


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